Utah State Senator, District 17
Today is August 31, 2016


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My Priorities

You don't have to guess at what I believe is important. Here are my priorities:

  • Listen and learn from my constituents.
  • Local economic development. (Jobs!)
  • Efficient government.
  • Responsible tax policy.
  • Government that spends less than it brings in.
  • The right balance between local, state and federal government.
  • Education.
  • Preservation of Utah's pioneer heritage.
  • Diverse, efficient energy production.
  • Immigration reform.
  • The values and priorities of the citizens in my senate district.

As we approach November 2nd, here are a few more thoughts about how we manage our state budget in challenging economic times. I hope I have earned your vote. Please feel free to call me with any comments or questions.

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